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Meet Our Corgis ......

Presenting our 1st Bred By Champion ....

                                                  Lacey aka Ch. Bramanor Silhouette In Black

                Sire:    Ch Rosewood Brigantine, ROMX
              Dam:    Ch Craigycor Strike A Pose    

                    Date of Birth:  01/09/2012 
           vWD Clear, DM, Cerf Normal WCP-EYE31, OFA Hips Good
Finished Championship with 2 - 5 pt majors & a 4 pt major
          Awarded BEST OF BREED from 6-9 puppy class
                 PWCCA National Specialty 2012
                  2nd Puppy Bitch 6-9 mos Regular Class       
                       3rd Puppy Bitch 6-9 mos Sweepstakes

           Click here to view Lacey's pedigree
                                                                                                      Other Major specialty wins:
                                                                                                                               Columbia River Specialty 2012 - 4th 6-9 mos puppy
So. California Specialty 2013 Day1 -  3rd 12-18 mos 
                                                                                                                               So. California Specialty 2013 Day 2 - 2nd 12-18 mos 
                                                                                                                               Golden Gate Specialty 2013 - 1st 15-18 mos sweeps
                                                                                                                               Golden Gate Specialty 2013 - 4th 12-18 mos

Lacey won her first Best of Breed over other Champions at the age of 8 months, two weeks later she followed that win with an awesome 2nd placement at the Pembroke Welsh Corgi of America National Specialty in a huge 6-9 mos puppy class in Portland, OR in 2012 judged by PWCCA President Donna Gilbert (Milestone), she had also captured 3rd in the sweepstakes 6-9 mos puppy class under judge Brenda Stiles (Brynlea).
Lacey won winners bitch for a 4 point major at Palm Springs just before her 1st birthday in January 2013.
She then repeated her Palm Springs wins a year later just before she turned 2 years old with back to back 5 point majors and a group 4 in the BBE Herding Group.

In June 2013 she thrilled us winning Best In Show BBE at the age of 17 mos.

Lacey became our first Bred By Champion when she finished her Championship with two 5 pt majors, a 4 pt major.  Her other major accomplishments include Best In Show BBE, Herding Group 4 BBE,  Owner Handler Group 2, Herding Group 3 Puppy, and Multiple Best of Breed.

and introducing our boy ....

                                          Finn aka Bramanor Affinity To Black

           Sire: Ch Rosewood Brigantine
         Dam: Ch Craigycor Strike A Pose

              Date of Birth: 01/09/2012
         vWD, DM, Cerf Normal #WCP-EYE32, OFA Hips Good        
                GROUP 1 OWNER HANDLER
                       AKC Major Pointed 

           PWCCA National Specialty 2012
            2nd 6-9 mos puppy sweepstakes

           So. California Speciality 2013 - BOS Sweeps
  So. California Speciality 2013 - 2nd - 12-18 mos class
                                                                                                                      Golden Gate Specialty 2013 - 1st 12-18 mos
                                                                                                               Golden Gate Specialty 2013 - 2nd 15-18 mos sweeps
                                                                                                                 Columbia River Specialty 2013 - 2nd Open Dog
                                                                                                                 So. California Specialty 2014 - 2nd Bred By Dog

                                                                      Click here to view Finn's pedigree


  Meet our 1st Champion ..... Evan aka Ch. Craigycor Ralph
                                   Ch. Craigycor Ralph
(Ir. Ch Craigycor Masterplan x Craigycor Beautiful Day)

              OFA, Cerf Normal, vWD clear, CHIC # 42452
                             AKC DNA Profile #V424903

                            Multiple Best of Breed Winner 
                                       Group 1 Winner

                                DOB:  September 6, 2005

                                 Click here to view pedigree

We obtained Evan from Alan Matthews of Craigycor Corgis in No. Ireland.  He joined us in January 2006 as a 4 month old puppy.  Evan was a natural in the show ring.  He remained unbeaten for his first 6 months of showing, he won his first major from the 6-9 month puppy class, won Best of Breed on his 1st Birthday, took a 3rd place at his very first PWCCA National specialty in the 12-15 month class and then thrilled us on his 2nd Birthday when he gave us a Group 1 in the Herding Group.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Meet our first specialty winner .... Posey aka Ch. Craigycor Strike A Pose 
                         CH. CRAIGYCOR STRIKE A POSE
    Sire:    Am. Eng. & Ir Ch Shavals Fire Classic at Craigycor
     Dam:   Am Ch Elfwish Amy of Wyndtree at Craigycor

                        OFA, Cerf Normal, vWD, CHIC # 57337,
                               AKC DNA Profile #V536960

                          MULTIPLE BEST OF BREED WINNER
                                         SPECIALITY WINNER

                                             DOB:  May 4, 2006


                     Click here to view pedigree

Posey was a very special addition to our young kennel.  After winning Best Puppy at the prestigious Crufts dog show in England, Posey travelled to the U.S. to the Elfwish Kennels.  She joined us at Bramanor when she was 2 years old, after taking 3rd in a very large and competitive 12-18 month bitch class at the 2007 PWCCA National Specialty.  She placed 3rd at the Lakeshore Specialty, but then gave us a huge thrill when she won Winners Bitch and Best of Winners at the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of the Rockies Specialty giving us our first specialty winner, and taking a 4 point major in the process.  Posey finished her AKC championship in style when she won Winners Bitch at the large, renowned Palm Springs show in January 2009.

Meet our Retired Champion " Amy" - Ch. Craigycor Irish Colleen

                  Ch. Craigycor Irish Colleen
            (BIS Eng. & Ir. Ch. Whitepoint Dream Weaver for Craigycor x
                                    Craigycor Beautiful Day)

                      OFA, Cerf Normal, vWD, CHIC #53538,
                                AKC DNA Profile # V511939

                                    DOB: September 13, 2006

                                 BEST OF BREED WINNER
                             Sired by Best of Breed Crufts 2006

                                    Click here to view Pedigree

Amy came to Bramanor from Craigycor Corgis in No. Ireland in December 2006.  Amy was the mischeavous one of the group, she was always getting herself and her kennel mates into trouble, but it was this spirited nature that made her such a joy to show in the conformation ring.  She was always on her game, and always a show-girl in the ring.  Amy finished her AKC championship title with a 4-point major and a 3-point major.

Amy is retired now and happily shares her life with Mike & Linda Hill in No.California.

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