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August 29, 2016
New Herding Title for Bramanor Classic Firestorm, HSAsM

We are so proud to announce that Nash aka Bramanor Classic Firestorm, HSAsM earned his Masters AKC Herding title on the Herding Started Course A Sheep.  In order to obtain this Master title Nash had to successfully complete a further 8 qualifying scores in Started Course Sheep Trials.  His qualifying scores have not only been consistent but have increased as he has become so confident in his Herding ability.  Our huge congratulations go to his dedicated owner Linda Moffitt.  We at Bramanor Corgis couldn't be prouder to have bred a corgi that shows his pedigree lines still continue to prove the corgi can master what the breed was originally bred to do - HERD!.

Well done Nash and Linda.

PSCCSC Herding Trials
April 16 & 17, 2016

BRAMANOR CLASSIC FIRESTORM, HSAs, PT wins placement at Specialty

We are so proud to announce that our herding star Nash aka Bramanor Classic Firestorm HSAs PT took a 5th place rosette
at the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of Southern California Specialty Herding Trials on Saturday April 16th with a score of 88-1/2 pts in the Started Course A Sheep trial.  Not only was this Nash's first Specialty Trial he also took on a well seasoned field of 16 corgis with many more years experience.

Nash then decided to go one better on Sunday with a 4th place finish. This is a wonderful accomplishment that we are very proud of and we are so thrilled and delighted for his owner/handler Linda Moffett of Scottsdale, AZ.

Nash is Bramanor's first AKC Herding titled bred corgi and now our first Herding Specialty winner.

                                                         FLAGSTAFF KENNEL CLUB AKC ALL BREED SHOWS
                                                                            Flagstaff, AZ  June 7 & 8, 2014

                                                     LACEY AKA CH BRAMANOR SILHOUTTE IN BLACKS WINS 
                                                                            BACK TO BACK BEST OF BREED

Adding to a very successful year so far for Lacey aka Ch. Bramanor Silhoutte in Black. Lacey captured back to back Best Of Breed at the AKC All Breed shows in Flagstaff, AZ .

Lacey then went onto to win Group 2 in the AKC Owner Handler competition.  

Lacey has now 20 points with 4 majors towards her Grand Champion title with limited showing currently ranking her #1 Pembroke Welsh Corgi in the state of Arizona.   


                                                            SILVER STATE KENNEL CLUB ALL BREED SHOWS
                                                                              Las Vegas, March 29-30, 2014

                                                      LACEY AKA CH. BRAMANOR SILHOUETTE IN BLACK WINS
                                                                        BACK TO BACK BEST OF BREED

Lacey had a successful weekend in the show ring in Las Vegas
winning Best of Breed both days and in doing so captured another
6 points towards her Grand Champion title taking back to back 3
point majors. 

Lacey moves into the top 25 Pembrokes in the USA and is #1 Pembroke
Welsh Corgi in the state of Arizona.

Thank you to our judges, Mr Liepmann and Ms. Bittner.

                                                          FINN AKA BRAMANOR SILHOUETTE IN BLACK WINS -

Not to be out done by his sister, Finn also took his turn in the spot light
winning Winners Dog and the going Best of Winners and Best of Opposite
Sex in the Breed ring
capturing 2 more points for his AKC Champion Title
and leaving only one more major to achieve that title.

Finn finished the weekend's success by also winning Best Bred By Exhibitor in Breed.

                                                                     SCOTTSDALE KENNEL CLUB ALL BREED SHOWS
                                                                    SUPERSTITION KENNEL CLUB ALL BREED SHOWS
                                                                                     February 28 - March 3, 2014

                                            Lacey Ch Bramanor Silhouette In Black earns her first Gr. Champion Points
                                                    Emma Bramanor Shades of Silhouette wins Reserve Winners Bitch

It was a girls weekend in Scottsdale Arizona when "Lacey" Ch. Bramanor Silhouette In Black and "Emma" Bramanor Shades of Silhouette made us proud again in the show ring.

Lacey won Best Of Opposite Sex 3 days out of the 4, and earned Select Bitch on the other day to give herself 8 Grand Championship points at her first All Breed shows since becoming a Champion in January.

"Emma" Bramanor Shades of Silhouette competing in her very first All Breed shows won the 6-9 mos puppy class 2 days out of the 4 and placed 2nd on the other days.  She also thrilled us when she earned Reserve Winners Bitch from the puppy class.

             Thank you to all of the judges for recognizing our girls.

                                             NESSAROSE AKA BRAMANOR NESSAROSE FIRECRACKER OAP, OFP, OJP, THD
                                                                          ACHIEVES ANOTHER AKC AGILITY TITLE

 We are pleased to announce that Bramanor Nessarose Firecracker has achieved yet another AKC Agility Title.

Nessa achieved 3 qualifying scores in the AKC Open Jumpers with Weaves Preferred class under at least 2 different judges to be awarded this title.

Each successive title is progressively more difficult and we are so proud of Nessarose who is now Bramanor Nessarose Firecracker OAP, OJP, OFP, THD. (Open Agility Preferred, Open FAST Preferred Agility, Open Jumpers with Weaves Preferred and Therapy Dog).

Nessa is quite a busy girl and our Star Agility Corgi.  Congratulations to her owner Susan Sammis

             Bramanor Nessarose Firecracker, OAP, OFP, OJP, THD                        
       (GCH Happiharbor Saddlelane Ty x Ch Craigycor Strike A Pose)

                                                              EMMA AKA BRAMANOR SHADES OF SILHOUETTE
                                                                      WINS AT HER FIRST SPECIALTY SHOW

So. California Pembroke Welsh Corgi Specialty 2014
                                                                                        February 14, 2014

Emma aka Bramanor Shades of Silhouette wins at her very                       
first show.  We had a thrilling weekend when Emma placed 1st
in a large 6-9 mos puppy class at the Southern California Pembroke Welsh Corgi Specialty under breeder judge Andrew Carter (Saddle Lane).   Emma has only just turned 6 months old and it was her first time in the show ring - WOW.

She had also placed 2nd in the 6-9 mos puppy sweepstakes class under breeder judge Janet Summer (Kinion). Finn aka Bramanor Affinity To Black continued his specialty record
placing 2nd in the Bred By Exhibitor class.
Finn has placed at every regional specialty show he has been entered in.                                  
Bramanor Affinity To Black x  Ch Bramanor Silhouette In Black)

We are so proud of Emma and Finn.

                                                               LACEY AKA BRAMANOR SILHOUETTE IN BLACK


We are proud to announce our new AKC Champion, Lacey aka
Ch. Bramanor Silhouette In Black.  Lacey gave us a sensational weekend at Palm Springs, CA, one of the largest AKC dog shows in the country.

On Saturday Jan 4th she was awarded Winners Bitch for a 5 point major and also Best of Winners under breeder judge Marilyn Van Vliet (Aurora).  Then on Sunday Jan 5th, she again captured Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex over specials for yet another 5 point major under judge Chris Walkowicz.  Lacey was also awarded Best Bred By Exhibitor and went on to place Group 4 in the Bred By Exhibitor Herding Group.

Lacey becomes our first home bred by exhibitor Champion at Bramanor and we couldn't be more proud.

                                                                                                        Thank you to judges Marilyn Van Vliet & Chris Walkowicz
            Lacey aka Ch. Bramanor Silhouette In Black
                (Ch. Rosewood Brigantine ROMX x Ch. Craigycor Strike A Pose)

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